iKW Solutions announces Constantly Current, an AI-driven software that resolves ERP system maintenance issues

Monday, February 12, 2024 at 2:33pm UTC

Laguna Beach, California, Feb. 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enterprise resource planning (ERP) IT and business process engineering company iKW Solutions has announced Constantly Current, an AI-enabled software solution, that will revolutionize industry practices. Matthew Aarsvold and Randal York, the managing partners of iKW Solutions, are excited to continue testing and updating their prototype until it can ensure client systems stay consistently updated without interrupting business operations.

For decades, ERP software has enhanced business productivity and performance and enabled connectivity across previously siloed departments. The integration of this technology has showcased how critical having defined processes and data storage solutions is. However, installing and updating an ERP system is an extremely expensive project. As a result, organizations are operating with outdated software or several different iterations of that software throughout the company. iKW Solutions created Constantly Current to simplify updating an ERP at much lower rates than competitors. This would allow companies to maximize their investment in their strategic ERP systems.

iKW Solutions’ managing partners Matthew Aarsvold and Randal York are committed to creating change in the industry. Since ERP software is pivotal for business functioning and growth, they believe every business should be able to install or update systems at an affordable cost. The company’s technical and application advisory services enable the cost-effective installation of ERP systems, and Constantly Current will prevent organizations from paying hefty fees for updating software they have already paid millions to implement.

Constantly Current is poised to create a transformation in ERP systems similar to when computers made updating seamless and almost unnoticeable. For this AI-driven program to become successful, iKW Solutions will need to continue testing the prototype and developing it further. However, the company’s leadership claims that Constantly Current can shift into a production-ready version while utilizing it to implement a customer’s ERP system. The program has already improved since it was first created. Constantly Current’s AI and machine learning capabilities allow the software to become smarter over time, enabling it to self-sustain long-term. A recent test on Constantly Current revealed that the software could test and integrate updates for 4,000 programs in 10 minutes. This is an unbelievable milestone because there has never been a technology for testing every existing configuration of a client’s ERP system until now.

Once Constantly Current becomes accessible to iKW Solutions clients, companies will no longer need to pause operations to complete ERP updates. This will save time, money, and stress for businesses that use ERP systems while also creating a new standard for competitors that overcharge customers for system implementation and make updates just as pricey.

“iKW Solutions is happy to announce Constantly Current,” says Matthew. “This program allows companies to update ERP software across the board without requiring users to pause usage or spend an enormous amount of capital. We anticipate that Constantly Current will be the cause of industry-wide shifts toward more effective technology that is sold transparently.”

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